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Founded in 1994, Denali Incorporated had a vision to acquire leading companies in the fragmented Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Industry. The corporate plan was to provide FRP composite solutions that addressed a full scope of capabilities in the areas of corrosive fluids and fumes. The acquisitions, individual company technology, expertise, project history, and best practices have been leveraged to position Denali as ‘Leaders in FRP Composite Construction for Corrosive Environments’.

The vision was implemented in 1994 with the acquisition of our underground storage tank (UST) company, now known as Containment Solutions Incorporated (CSI). Containment Solution’s petroleum storage tank experience dates to the early 1960’s and has supplied more than 300,000 tanks to the market.

Ershigs About

Denali’s growth continued in 1997 with the acquisition of Ershigs, Inc., whose FRP work dates to the early 1960’s. The acquisition of Ershigs created additional market opportunities in areas including: Power and FGD, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Processing, Metals and Mining and Microelectronic, thus expanding the capabilities of the company. Over the next ten years, four additional Ershigs FRP facilities and ten additional mobile field winding operations were acquired by Denali and/or developed by Ershigs to address market demand and provide strategic geographical capabilities in core markets. At the same time, capabilities of additional and unique resources introduced Ershigs to technologies, which now provide a path forward through research and product development for the use of FRP in non-traditional markets.

Belco About

In 1999, the acquisition of Belco Manufacturing continued to strengthen Denali’s portfolio. Belco Manufacturing was founded in 1980, and as a Denali company, it became another successful custom FRP company within the organization. Positioned geographically to serve the U.S. Gulf Coast Region with industrial and municipal FRP equipment, it provided a special focus on aboveground FRP tanks and vessels used in oil and gas exploration and drilling. Since 1999, Belco’s production output has grown four-fold. In 2012, a satellite Belco production plant was constructed in Mississippi to meet the specific market demand for FRP tanks used in the Oil and Gas Industry.

FPL About

In 2007, Denali acquired Fabricated Plastics, Ltd. to penetrate the chemical processing and chlor-alkali markets. More importantly, Fabricated Plastics’ position as the leading North American design and manufacture company for thermoplastic lined FRP equipment (Armourplastics®) provided Denali with the capability to address corrosive fluids and fumes with Armourplastics® equipment in applications & core markets where unlined FRP is incompatible. Fabricated Plastics has an extensive history, dating to the early 1960’s, in providing custom designed FRP and Armourplastics® solutions worldwide.

Fibra About

Denali’s latest acquisition is Fibra S.A.. Acquired in February 2013, Fibra provides Denali a strong path into the South American Metal and Mining Industries and Power Industry. Founded in 1988, Fibra has 25 years of success supplying custom designed corrosion resistant FRP tanks, vessels, and piping. Fibra S.A. operates closely with Ershigs, Inc. Through this partnership, Fibra utilizes Ershigs’ existing proprietary technology and equipment developed for the design, manufacture, and construction of FRP tanks, scrubbers, stacks, chimney liners, and piping in South and Central America. In addition to FRP solutions, Fibra introduces additional technology and production capabilities to Denali, including: rotational molding, FRP pultrusion and system design, manufacture and install of small- scale water and waste water treatment facilities for non-municipal regions.

In nearly 20 years of strategic planning and acquisition, Denali has assembled an expert group of FRP companies, each recognized as leaders in their industry. Our combined 200+ years of experience continues to drive our expansion into new markets, regions, products, and capabilities.

Denali Incorporated –
Leaders in FRP Composite Construction for Corrosive Environment.

Denali Incorporated is one of world’s largest suppliers of custom engineered Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite products.

Our engineering staff includes a collection of professionals with civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and process engineering experience and capabilities. With offices in the US, Canada, and Chile, the knowledge base and technical expertise is unmatched in fiberglass composite manufacturing.

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